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dani diez

- Character Design and Development -


January 17, 18 and 19
Friday the 17th from 6pm - 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 18th & 19th from 10am - 6pm with a one hour break at noon.
Smitstraat 42, Amsterdam

What will you achieve? 

Dani’s workshop will focus on character design, development and presentation, from the blank paper to the final render of a character. 
We will start the workshop with an introduction about what is good character design, how to beat the fear of the blank paper, creative techniques and client briefs.
Then, we will engage in the process of character design by using traditional techniques such as pencils and markers. At this point we will be making quick sketches, trying to find the idea behind our character, its narrative.

After that, you will learn what makes a character interesting from the purely visual point of view. We will talk about important subjects such as shapes, rest areas, silhouettes, composition, weight and balance. Which will help you improve your drawing abilities and push your characters to the next level!

From here, we will start working on digital techniques, using procreate or photoshop. Here you will learn about rendering and also color, focusing on how to get a vibrant but still cohesive palette on your characters.

During the workshop, Dani Diez will give two life demos, and while he draws he will introduce discussions about usual requested topics, such as balancing between personal projects and work, developing your portfolio, how to grow your social media and tricks he has learned during the years. 

Costs: €350 per person.

This price includes:

  • A 20h workshop

  • All traditional tools we will use at the workshop, such as watercolor, pencil colors and markers, as well as sketching and watercolor paper.

  • 2 demos by Dani Diez

  • Personalized feedback

  • A fun goodie bag

  • Drinks and snacks

What to bring:

  • Bring a laptop with a tablet or an iPad with pencil!

Spots available: 15 max. The course will be in English. 

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The teacher

Dani is a visual development artist who loves fantasy and sci-fi. He has worked in both video games and animation film industry.
He is passioned about character design and all his sketchbooks are full of new characters and imaginary worlds, the perfect setting for adventures to happen!


The studio

The course will take place in Smitstraat 42, where Paper Brush Studio is located. A perfect location in Amsterdam Oost, easy to reach by public transport.