DevelopYour Style
-Weekend Course-


Dates: 2 Days - From 10am to 3pm.
26th and 27th of January.

What will you achieve? Since your style is unique to your person, this course is not about teaching you a style, but to guide you into the process of of developing your own.

We have broken down the course into 4 parts:

  1. Explore,

  2. Zoom In

  3. Dive Deep

  4. Create

We are following the traditional progression of artistic development - but we’ve added some extra Paper Brush magic to make it fun and easy to follow. You will learn how to: analyse your artistic influences, how to select the right craft to develop, and how to translate this into your style.

Costs: €150 per person. This price includes:

  • Starter kit with required materials to take home,

  • High quality paper and other materials to use during the course,

  • Booklet with course information,

  • Step by step guidance on Paper & Brush techniques,

  • Personalised feedback,

  • Lunch both days,

  • Drink and snacks.

Teachers: Aafke Mertens (Curly Sketches) and Angela Maria Prevosti. 

Spots available: 8 max. Course is in English. 


Don’t waste your time looking for your style. The truth is you already have it. You may just need to create more in order to see it.
— Promise Tangeman

Our work is constantly developing and being influenced by what we see. We choose to follow artists or illustrators because of their style; we like the fact that we can always recognise it.

Maybe, you have reached a point where you ask yourself: What about my style? Do I have any?

Art/illustration is not only about mastering colour mixing or drawing techniques, there’s a mental side where you go into your voice, originality and authenticity. This might all sound like too much, but the good news is: we can all learn to master these extra steps.

In this intensive weekend we will guide you to the steps of finding out what makes you excited and how to translate this into your art. You will do research, try out new techniques and learn from your peers in a friendly environment.

It's not required to know how to draw, but you do have to be motivated and open to new things! 

At the end of the weekend, you will have a greater understanding of: your influences, your taste, how to explore other artists and you’ll have a body of work that will show this small journey and will push you to continue at home!


The studio 

The course will take place in Studio 40-D, where Paper Brush Studio is located (at Amsteldijk 40-D). A perfect central location in Amsterdam, easy to reach by public transport.  


The teachers

This course will be given by both Angela and Aafke, who will combine their skills and knowledge to guide you on a personal level throughout the weekend. 

Angela, a Spanish artist and illustrator has a passion for details and watercolour techniques. Her work explores feelings, the human body and nature.  

Aafke, a freelance illustrator that makes her living through visual story telling, will energise your work! Her inspirations range from indigenous cultures and animals to daily life events.