Riso Printing Workshop!


Introduction- Printing with 2 Colours

In this introduction course you will create your own series of postcards while learning the basics of the RISO printing at our studio!

There are many ways of creating cool works with the RISO - but to simplify the process we are starting with analog (hand-drawn) techniques that we can then scan into the machine.

What does RISO mean?
RISO is the name of both a printer and ink company from Japan. Noboru Hayama started his company in post-war Japan (in 1946), calling it RISO. It means ‘ideal’ in Japanese, a poetic name that Hayama chose as he found it important that people should not lose their ideals in this period of despair.


How does RISO work?

When you scan or upload an image to the machine, it first makes a paper stencil and wraps this around the ink drum. Our machine has two ink drums, so it can make two stencils. Then it guides paper through the machine, printing two colors on top of each other.

In other words, the machine creates a ‘digital’ stamp on individual colours (which are incredibly vibrant!) and together they create a colorful image. It works similar to screen printing but it’s less labour intesive.

Why is RISO interesting?
Any type of printing technique is like a puzzle - you need to think about what you are doing and how. You need to work in layers and in grayscale. WHile working with a limited amount of colours, this also pushes you to experiment and try out new things.

The RISO, even though being a digital machine, does not guarantee perfection, which makes each piece unique.It doesn’t always do what you expect, but the more you use it the better you understand this machine. Are you ready for a challenge?


What will you learn?

During this weekend, you will learn the basics of this cool printing method, tips & tricks for composition as well as working in 2 layers with transparencies. You’ll discover and experiment with this imperfect, perfect machine.

Are you up for a challenge? Book your spot now!

Price: €185 per person.
This course is from 10:00 to 15:00 both days. 
Price  includes:

  • Print run of 25 with 2 colours (so you take 100 postcards home)

  • High-quality paper and other materials to use during the course,

  • Booklet with course information,

  • Step by step guidance on Paper & Brush techniques,

  • Personalised feedback,

  • Lunch both days,

  • Drink and snacks

    Limited spots available - 6 people


The Teachers

This workshop will be given by the co-founders of Paper Brush Studio Aafke & Angela together with fellow graphic designer Soscha Monteiro.

The Studio

The course will take place in Studio 40-D, where Paper Brush Studio is located, easy to reach with public transport from Central Station or Amstel Station.